A Visual Journal of my Sofia Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I had to pleasure of visiting Sofia for the first time. And it’s truly an honor to be able to speak at 2 of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in Bulgaria.

  1. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) under the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), which focuses on research (knowledge discovery)
  2. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at the Sofia University (SU), which focuses on secondary education (knowledge dissemination)

Since Sofia is such a beautiful city, I took many photos throughout my journey. Therefore, I thought I would create a photo journal rather than the typical trip summary, so you can see this beautiful city too. Note: reading the captions of the photos will guide you along my journey.

Decoding GenAI is Live-Streamed

If you could not make it to this series of 2 lectures, I have good news for you. Because this event is live-streamed on YouTube, it is recorded. It is captured by 3 different cameras and very nicely blended together. Check it out! You won’t regret it.

This is the Way: To Get the Slides for the BAS Lectrures

If you are here, you are probably looking for the PDF slides to the lectures that I promised I would provide. Don’t worry, I always keep my promise. I just had 2 more trips after Sofia, so I’ve just returned to SF this week. And for that, I must apologize for the long wait. The 2 lectures were:

  1. Decoding GenAI: The Science Behind the Magic of ChatGPT
  2. Navigating the Limits of GenAI in Business Decisions—Beyond Productivity

Note: the slides for both lectures are combined into a single PDF file below. Here you go!

This is the Way: To Get the Slides for the SU-FMI Lecture

The lecture at the FMI at Sofia Univ was titled:

  • The 2 Cutting Edges of GenAI: Coding Liberator or Job Terminator?

However, this lecture was not recorded. But you can get the PDF slides below. Although the slides for this lecture covered similar materials as the BAS lecture at the beginning, they do diverge in the middle and become more Engineering and Data-science-focused. So feel free to watch the first part of the live-stream lecture above if you want to review what I’ve covered.

Meeting the PROS in Sofia

Besides the academic lectures, I also had the opportunity to meet and talk to the pros in Sofia, many of whom I’ve never met in person.


Overall, this trip is a great success. Besides the work, I also learned quite a bit about Bulgaria’s heritage, history, food, and more. The food is not only delicious, it’s creative and innovative. And these are not the typical words that I would use to describe food.

Besides, Bulgaria is truly a treasure trove, ranking #3 in Europe in terms of archeological heritage after Italy and Greece. It has Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities (i.e. Plovdiv) that dates back to 6000 BC, which is earlier than many of the oldest known civilizations. It’s a pity that I had to rush back to the US for other committed engagements. But this gives me a very good excuse to come back again soon.