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The Great AI Debates

The Great AI Debates

As 2023 was an inflection point for AI awareness there is a lot of hype about this decades-old technology that has already gone through 2 “AI winters.” That means AI has essentially been through 2 hype cycles already, and it’s again hyped up for the third time now. Will this be just another hype, or this time is different?

Dr. Michsel Wu at Microsoft Envision 2018 - Get Ready for the AI Revolution

Get Ready for the AI Revolution

Thanks to ChatGPT for waking up the globe to the realization that the age of AI is here. Are you ready for it? Do you know how businesses can gain tangible value from this rapidly evolving tech? What steps your business must take to better understand AI’s capabilities and prepare for the disruptions it creates? Are you ready for the AI revolution?