Giveaway: My First AI/ML Talk in Morocco

I’ve already shared a few posts on My Takeaways from my First AI/ML Conference in Morocco. So I thought I will have a giveaway today: the talk I presented at my First AI/ML Conference in Morocco (i.e. TechInnov Day – AI for Africa). Thanks to Prof. Mohammed El Rhabi (Ecole Centrale Casablanca) who made the videos of the entire conference available, I was able to edit out my portion and share it here.

Here’s what I talked about.

How to Start Differentiating Your Customer Experience through AI

Abstract: It has long been demonstrated that customer experience (CX) is strongly correlated to business performance. Consequently, many brands have invested heavily in their customer-facing employees to create a competitive edge through CX. However, the pandemic greatly disrupted this, since buyers are moving online and becoming invisible to the brands. How can brands deliver excellent CX in a digital world, devoid of human touch? This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can help. We will examine how successful e-commerce, like Amazon, leverages AI to improve its business operation, leading to a significantly improved CX. Through this exercise, we will gain insights on how to use AI to create the best CX for your customers in the post-pandemic digital world. However, the road to AI maturity is lengthy and full of challenges. But we will provide a strategy to help companies embark on this journey successfully.

And here is the giveaway!