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Explainable AI (XAI) is key to opening the black box

Explainable AI: The Key to Opening the Black Box

Today, XAI is proving that the infamous “black box problem” is really not a problem after all. Business leaders who continue to scapegoat the use of AI due to its black-box nature are essentially foregoing an efficient and reliable way to optimize their business decisions for something that is only a problem of the past.

Unlearn Podcast with Barry O'Reilly: The Intersection of AI and the Human Mind

The Intersection of AI and the Human Mind

Barry hosts a popular podcast where he interviews thought leaders, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs, delving into a wide range of topics related to leadership, innovation, and personal growth. Today, I’m one of the few lucky ones who had the opportunity to talk to Barry and share some of my own unlearning moments.

The Black Box Problem: A Convenient Scapegoat

The Black Box Problem: A Convenient Scapegoat

What makes a black box model uninterpretable is just complexity, nothing more! And the black box problem is an inherent inability of our human brain to distill those complex models down to something simple enough for us to explain in English.

AI applications in e-commerce

4 Categories of AI for Your eCommerce Differentiation

While digital transformation has long been an effort undertaken by many global enterprises, the challenge today lies in differentiating your eCommerce business in an increasingly crowded digital market. So, how can a business stand out in this vast digital economy? For those that have succeeded, the secret ingredient is almost always Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Without trust in AI there is no value and no ROI

Successful Enterprise AI Adoption in 3 Steps

The fear for AI is even more imminent with the advent of large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT (OepnAI), LLaMA (Meta), LaMDA (Google), etc. What must be done to reassure employees, while still ensuring the business reaps the benefit of AI and evolve as necessary?

Using AI to Building a More Resilient Economy Against Global Disruptions

Using AI to Building a More Resilient Economy Against Global Disruptions

Once work is virtualized, it can be digitized, tracked, turned into data, and used to train an AI system to mimic how we work. This will start with the most repeatable tasks, but AI will eventually automate some creative activities also. But before this can happen, more of the physical work must be shifted into digital work so it can be easily tracked and turned into training data.

Artificial Intelligence is the New Business Intelligence

AI is the New BI

To understand AI in ways that drive business, we must start with something that business is familiar with — business intelligence (BI). BI provides data and analytics to help business leaders make more informed decisions. Over the years, BI has evolved to include three basic types of analytics.