From AI Productivity to AI Profitability

Generative AI (GenAI) possesses truly remarkable capabilities. It can generate content, emulate human-like creativity, and adapt to complex tasks. From crafting compelling narratives to generating realistic images and facilitating advanced problem-solving, GenAI showcases a versatility that transcends traditional boundaries. Hence, businesses are quickly jumping on this AI bandwagon.

However, most business use cases of GenAI in the enterprise setting are centered around productivity. Whether it’s in customer service, marketing, engineering, or even administrative functions, GenAI helps support agents, marketers, software engineers, and administrators be more productive. GenAI helps employees to do their work faster, and do more with less. So the mechanism by which businesses realize ROI is through a huge efficiency gain.

But can GenAI help drive profitability beyond just mere productivity? This is precisely the conversation I had with Mike Fauscette in Jan 2024, when I was still a bit “out of commission.” Listen in!

I’ve known Mike for at least 10+ years (if not 15 years) back when he was an analyst at IDC, the premier global market intelligence research firm. Mike is a prominent figure in the tech and research industry being the Chief Research Officer at G2. He is known for his expertise in marketing, sales, digital transformation, customer experience, and CRM. And he has recently founded Arion Research LLC, and produces the Disambiguation Podcast.

If you are more of a visual person, you can check out our conversation on YouTube below and learn how you can move from AI productivity to AI profitability.