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The PROS at the Aviation Festivals

The PROS at the Aviation Festivals

Although I’m new to the Aviation Festivals, PROS has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the aviation industry by establishing a longstanding strategic partnership and sponsorship at this event. This enduring collaboration showcases PROS’ dedication to fostering technological innovation, industry growth, and aviation sustainability. Last September (2023), I participated in the …more

The Great AI Debates

The Great AI Debates

As 2023 was an inflection point for AI awareness there is a lot of hype about this decades-old technology that has already gone through 2 “AI winters.” That means AI has essentially been through 2 hype cycles already, and it’s again hyped up for the third time now. Will this be just another hype, or this time is different?

PROS Outperform 2020 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence - Next phase of digital evolution by Michael Wu

Modern Alchemy 201: Artificial Intelligence – The Next Phase of Digital Evolution

The current macroeconomic conditions significantly accelerated digital transformation. Companies are adopting advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) to compete more effectively in this increasingly digital economy, so knowledge of how to leverage AI effectively is crucial for survival. This presentation provides a deep, yet intuitive understanding of what …more

TechInnov Day -AI for Africa Takeaways Part 2

Takeaways From My First AI/ML Conference in Morocco – Part 2

One of the most wonderful things about an in-person conference is the “Hallway Track,” the informal conversations happening off-schedule (e.g. during coffee breaks, dinners, etc.). Over dinner, I had the chance to consult Yann LeCun about the application of deep neural network (DNN) to tabular data.