The PROS at the Aviation Festivals

Although I’m new to the Aviation Festivals, PROS has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the aviation industry by establishing a longstanding strategic partnership and sponsorship at this event. This enduring collaboration showcases PROS’ dedication to fostering technological innovation, industry growth, and aviation sustainability.

Last September (2023), I participated in the World Aviation Festival (WAF) for the first time. But PROS’ participation goes far beyond me, and it feels like the entire PROS family participated.

PROS Workshop: The AI Transformation: From Revenue Management to Customer-Centric Retail

I started off with a workshop on day 1 about my journey of discovery while coming to PROS with absolutely zero background in Airline and Revenue Management (RM). I was humbled by the interest level as there was barely any standing room even though the session venue was boiling. Many spectators were peering in from outside the igloo-shaped lecture hall, and many more had to look over their shoulders by the entrance to see this session.

On day 2, Seth Cassel from EveryMundo, now part of the PROS family, gave a talk about this powerful union between EveryMundo and PROS and what this means for the aviation industry. After his talk, Seth also participated on the panel discussing how consumer behaviors have changed, and subsequently how airlines can shape their brand strategies to influence customer perceptions more effectively.

Then, on the final day of WAF, Srikanth Ranganathan gave a keynote on what airlines can do and must do to accelerate the airline retail revolution. Later that day, Srikanth also participated in a panel that’s so popular that the room was completely packed. The topic of discussion centers around how and what airlines must do to adapt to the rapid pace of AI/ML technological innovation that we are seeing today.

Besides the Hallway Track that I talked about last time, one of the most enjoyable aspects of an in-person conference is the serendipity of reconnecting with old friends. I was surprised to run into a couple of old friends back when I was still at Lithium (now Khoros, a SaaS enterprise community provider). I’ve known Margot Lowenberg for about a decade, way back when she was still a post-doc researcher at the University of Zurich under Prof. Rene Algesheimer, with whom I collaborated. We lost touch since I left Lithium. So you can tell how surprised I am to see her at WAF23. And I am so happy to learn that she is now the Director and Head of Data Science Delivery at Lufthansa Group.

As you can see PROS has a big presence with a big booth at WAF23. And of course, it would be a complete family without the Mundos.

Aviation Fest Asia 2024 Workshop on AI powered Airline Retail
Aviation Fest Asia 2024 Workshop on AI powered Airline Retail

This week, we will be at the Aviation Festival Asia (AFA24) in Singapore. And this time, the Mundos are joining the PROS family under one roof, and our presence will be equally significant and dynamic. We look forward to engaging with industry leaders, fostering meaningful connections, and showcasing the collective strength of the entire PROS family (PROS + EveryMundo) at AFA24.

I will be giving a workshop on Customer Centric Airline Retailing. And I can’t wait to see you all. Maybe I’ll get lucky and run into some old friends again. So if you know me, please come by and say hello.