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PROS Outperform 2020 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence - Next phase of digital evolution by Michael Wu

Modern Alchemy 201: Artificial Intelligence – The Next Phase of Digital Evolution

The current macroeconomic conditions significantly accelerated digital transformation. Companies are adopting advanced digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) to compete more effectively in this increasingly digital economy, so knowledge of how to leverage AI effectively is crucial for survival. This presentation provides a deep, yet intuitive understanding of what …more

Using AI to Building a More Resilient Economy Against Global Disruptions

Using AI to Building a More Resilient Economy Against Global Disruptions

Once work is virtualized, it can be digitized, tracked, turned into data, and used to train an AI system to mimic how we work. This will start with the most repeatable tasks, but AI will eventually automate some creative activities also. But before this can happen, more of the physical work must be shifted into digital work so it can be easily tracked and turned into training data.

Dr. Michsel Wu at Microsoft Envision 2018 - Get Ready for the AI Revolution

Get Ready for the AI Revolution

Thanks to ChatGPT for waking up the globe to the realization that the age of AI is here. Are you ready for it? Do you know how businesses can gain tangible value from this rapidly evolving tech? What steps your business must take to better understand AI’s capabilities and prepare for the disruptions it creates? Are you ready for the AI revolution?