Creating Cutting-Edge GenAI Marketing Best Practices at DMX

DMX 2023

Last year (March 2023), I was invited to give a keynote at DMX, the national digital conference organized by the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII). It was a great event with about ~450 marketing professionals (e.g. students, practitioners, managers, and senior leaders). Among the keynote presenters were representatives from Google and Meta, and I was flattered to be featured as a brand of my own next to global brands like Google and Meta in their marketing collaterals.

MII / DMX 2023

At DMX 2023 I talked about the AI maturity roadmap and how AI will transform marketing by automating mundane and repetitive tasks. This de-drugery will free up marketers’ time, enabling them to focus on more strategic marketing challenges.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Ronan Leonard, a journalist from the Irish Tech News at DMX. Our conversations were captured and published as a podcast. So, if you are curious about what we discussed, check out the podcast!

Old Artistic Library

Lastly, I was interviewed by Sarah Freeman, the editor of Business & Finance. Our conversation surrounds the controversial topic of how generative AI (GenAI) impacts the creative industries. Will it destroy human creativity or unleash even more imaginative forms of art? Sarah was interested in the stories behind the art (the process, the struggle, the history, the love, and the lives of the artists). What would art become without these stories? Would it become something so superficial that it’s nothing more than what meets the eye? Our interesting discussion was cut short, but you can read about some of the points in this summary article: “A dying art? A look at the impact of AI on creative industries“.

DMX 2024

This year, 2024, I am honored to be invited back again to give a keynote. And I was given a very challenging task. Given my expertise in AI, it’s natural for me to speak on that topic, but I must focus on the following 2 areas by popular demand:

  1. Cutting-edge technologies
  2. Marketing best practices

The reason that this is challenging is that the most cutting-edge AI tech today is obviously GenAI. The problem is that GenAI (e.g. ChatGPT) really hasn’t been around long enough for any standard best practices to be established. While there are isolated use cases that illustrate the possibilities, they lack the implementation details that make them repeatable within a particular enterprise. Consequently, every innovative company is still experimenting with how best to leverage GenAI under its unique corporate constraints (i.e. funding, talent, risk tolerance, industry compliance, etc.). The bottom line is that there are just not enough successful use cases across a wide range of corporate environments for reliable and repeatable best practices to emerge.

MII DMX 2024 Speakers
MII DMX 2024 Speakers

Looking back at the history of marketing, however, provides valuable insights into the establishment of best practices as marketing tech evolves. As disruptive marketing techs emerge, those with a deep understanding of the tech are often the pioneers who are creating the best practices. Although marketers don’t need to know the technical details of the tech to build it, they should know enough about how it works to know its limits and potential. It is this deep understanding that separates the great marketers from the good ones. And it’s this solid grasp of the tech that enables them to make informed judgments on the best way to use these new tools.

So my goal at DMX 2024 is to provide you with a deep enough understanding of GenAI that you can become one of those pioneers who create the GenAI marketing practices. And the following is the title and abstract for my keynote.

Title: GenAI Mastery: Charting the Frontier of Marketing with ChatGPT
Undoubtedly, generative AI (GenAI), like ChatGPT, is set to revolutionize the future of marketing by transforming how every marketer does his job. However, the rapid adoption of GenAI left no room for established best practices, leaving both professionals and consumers in the early stages of experimentation. While case studies can showcase the art of the possible, they lack insights for enterprise-level implementation. Just as in the early days of the digital revolution, innovative marketers must grasp the inner workings of another alien technology to outpace competitors and seize significant first-mover advantages. With the help of GenAI, every marketer will become an experimentalist, data analyst, and creative technologist. This session will provide you with a deep understanding of GenAI that will empower you to explore the potential of this technology safely and productively. It will equip you with the knowledge to shape future marketing best practices for subsequent generations of marketers.


Last year at DMX, I learned that the Irish community is known for its strong solidarity and hardworking ethos. The Irish proverb “Ní Neart Go Cur Le Chéile” meaning “There’s No Strength Without Unity” was cited at least a couple of times at the conference. From my brief interactions with the attendees, I can already sense a genuine thirst for education, collaboration, and a shared purpose that move the entire community forward. In the workplace, the Irish exhibit diligence and determination, contributing to their overall success and resilience in Ireland and around the world.

Irish proverb - There's No Strength Without Unity

I believe these are important ingredients in fostering the next generation of innovative marketers. As GenAI transforms every marketer into an experimentalist, data analyst, and creative technologist, diligence and perseverance will be crucial traits for success. The sense of unity and community support will creates a safe environment where young marketers can creatively embrace new technologies without the fear of being different. And that is a fertile ground where innovative best practices are discovered, developed, and established.

So I invite you to join me this year at DMX 2024 to embark on this transformative journey. I am proud to partner with MII again this year and contribute to its mission of in professional development and knowledge sharing. You can still register NOW. Let’s chart the frontier of marketing with GenAI, together!