AI: The New Corporate Competency for Great Customer Experience

Today, AI is often seen as a technology, a powerful enabling tool. And as we become more familiar with AI tools in our work and understand the computing capabilities behind it, I believe that many organizations will also learn to operate more like an AI system.

In essence, businesses will soak up data to support all their decision-making. But more importantly, organizations will also track feedback and outcome, which enables them to learn, just as an AI system would. And this learning will enable companies to make adjustments to their strategy, so they can better adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

Therefore, in the near future, AI will become a corporate competency. It’s not just about how well a business can leverage AI systems and tools, but rather it’s more about how well can a business learn from the outcomes of their decision (i.e. feedback) and use them to adjust their business strategy.

This will have profound implications on customer experience (CX). So I wanted to share an interesting conversation I had with Hamish Taylor and Nancy Rademaker through CXO Sync on this very topic. Why is this new corporate competency of AI so important for great CX (which is crucial for the long-term success and valuation of business enterprises)?