Embrace Generation AI and Outperform with PROS

It is that time of the year when I am crunched for time prepping for our annual customer conference, Outperform with PROS, happening next week (May 20—22). Last year (2023) was the first in-person Outperform since the pandemic. And I admit that I had taken on a bit too much by agreeing to present at 4 different sessions (i.e. a pre-conference workshop, a general keynote, an airline-specific keynote, and a session for our investors).

I thought I’d learned my lesson, and I was sure that I wouldn’t make the same mistake. But here I am, way over-committed again this year (2024). What’s worse is that this year is going to be a marathon for me, because the total amount of content I need to prepare and present is ~12+ hours.

The Pre-Conference AI Workshop

The major addition this year is that PROS is partnering with UC Berkeley Extension (the continuing education division of UC Berkeley) to offer an accredited AI course for business leaders. As we are entering a new generation defined by AI—the generation AI—PROS continues to execute against its mission of helping people and companies outperform. We’ve been and continue to help companies outperform by providing them with the best-in-class AI solutions to address their business challenges. This year, we are making a bigger stride to help people outperform by providing them with the education and background knowledge to embrace generation AI through our partnership with UC Berkeley Extension.

The unique value proposition of this course is that it’s designed for business leaders interested in learning more about AI, but don’t have a technical STEM background and don’t have years to pursue a formal education in AI. I will be teaching this course as the pre-conference AI workshop. However, the strict requirement for accreditation is that the instruction must be at least 8 hours long for the participants to receive the minimum of 0.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a certificate from UC Berkeley Extension.

The General Keynote

Besides the 8-hour AI workshop, I’ll also be giving a General Keynote that is an hour long. The following is my original title and abstract. So some secrets will be unveiled next week. Stay tuned!

AI Profit-Optimization: The Ingredients and Secret Sauces

In the face of tumultuous macroeconomic conditions and a turbulent business landscape, achieving profitability has become imperative for companies across all industries. Prioritizing profit is not only a financial necessity but a key driver of sustainability, innovation, and growth in today’s competitive landscape. While the 4th industrial revolution is well underway, thanks to recent advancements in generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT), the successful application of AI for profit optimization under highly volatile conditions remains challenging. So, what does it take to optimize profit using AI?

In this presentation, we will introduce the next-gen AI profit optimization platform specifically designed to navigate today’s highly uncertain business environments. We will delve deep to unveil 3 crucial AI technologies that power this platform. Furthermore, we’ll illustrate how the synergy of these 3 ingredients is crucial to its superior performance. Lastly, we will reveal the secret sauce behind this platform’s success.

Beyond the Agenda

Outperform with PROS: Dr. Wu Keynote - The Secret Sauce of AI Profit Optimization

Outperform is a time when we meet face-to-face with customers, investors, partners, and even our fellow employees around the globe. So there are always many private sessions and meetings beyond the published agenda. And I am already committed to an investors’ session and some private meetings and workshops throughout Outperform and also right after it. And that is how I ended up with 12+ hours of content to prepare.

Although I am stressed out, I am also super pumped! I am excited and very much looking forward to seeing all of you next week in Orlando.

Let’s embrace this exciting generation of AI and outperform with PROS together!

Please do not hesitate to flag me down and say hello. See you soon!