Generative AI Everywhere All at Once

The interest level for Generative AI (GenAI) has exploded over the last few months. Ever since Outperform with PROS, I’ve spoken to investors, private equities, many startups and companies of all sizes, even law firms, and universities on this topic. I had this feeling like the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, because I really wish I can be everywhere all at once. The only difference is that everything is about GenAI. However, most of these speaking engagements are not open to the public. So today, I like to share a rare opportunity for everyone to truly learn about GenAI, beyond just how to use ChatGPT to do something.

Coming up next week, Wednesday July 19th 6–9pm, UC Berkeley Extension has put forth a public event under the same name as my talk – Beyond ChatGPT: Inside the Minds of Generative AI. Unlike any other talks I’ve ever delivered, this will be a guided interactive learning experience for you to learn everything you need and want to know about GenAI. It includes a fireside chat and an audience Q&A session moderated by George Panagiotakopoulos, Head of Europe & Global Expansion at Berkeley SkyDeck.

Generative AI everywhere all at once

For those who don’t know, Berkeley SkyDeck is a startup accelerator and incubator program at UC Berkeley, and it’s one of the top 5 university accelerators in the world. It’s a joint venture between the Haas B-School, the College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. It offers access to expert workshops and connections to its wide network of industry and academic advisors to help founders get their startups off the ground. SkyDeck also hosts one of the largest Demo Days in the Bay Area, where startups can pitch their ideas.

So if you happen to be in the SF Bay Area, then you should REGISTER for this event to satisfy all your curiosity about GenAI. See you next week, in person! And don’t forget to bring all your GenAI questions.