Enterprise AI: From Theory vs. Practice to Profit Optimization

The super-fast advancement in AI often makes me look back and ponder how far we’ve come. And by looking at the path we took to get here, sometimes we can project forward and see where we are heading. Not too long ago, we were still locked down due to the pandemic, and everyone is driven to the digital world because they have no choice. Today, 4 years later, every company is jumping onto the digital bandwagon because they don’t want to be left behind and rendered irrelevant through the AI revolution.

Back in 2020, I had to give a virtual keynote at our annual Outperform conference because of the pandemic. This year (2024), I feel I could also give a completely virtual keynote, because it’s totally feasible to create an entire video of my keynote using generative AI (GenAI). And I could have delivered that from anywhere around the world. However, some things are still better in person.

Despite this, I like to share a recording of my 2020 virtual Outperform Keynote, because many of the questions it addressed is still highly relevant today.

My 2020 Virtual Outperform Keynote

Title: Enterprise AI Implementation: Theory vs. Practice
The 2020 pandemic has forever changed our lives. The fully digital, contactless, and automated society is now an inevitable future that will come much faster than anyone could’ve predicted, and it’s here to stay. The shift to eCommerce and the adoption of AI-based tools is becoming a top priority for all businesses around the world. However, different organizations have vastly different maturity with incorporating AI into their business operations. How far along is your organization in this process? And where is your company along this AI adoption maturity curve?
This presentation provides an AI adoption roadmap that could serve as a maturity curve for you to see where you are on the journey to an AI-augmented society. Although each step along this maturity curve is a natural transition, this is where theory and practice diverge. Each step of this AI adoption roadmap has its own practical and implementation challenges. We will highlight some of these challenges and help you overcome some of them in the early stages with best-practice advice. This will ensure you have the greatest chance of success with your AI implementation, so we can help transform our economy into a more robust and resilient digital economy.

Let’s Outperform with PROS 2024 in Person

This year, the interest level for AI is off the chart. Since 2023, every company I talk to is embracing AI. But from the above keynote, you would have learned that digital transformation is a prerequisite for AI. In fact, it is the first step of the AI adoption maturity journey. Without digital, there is no data for a corporation to train its AI. And there is no fuel for this AI bandwagon, so it’s not going anywhere.

Outperform with PROS: Dr. Wu Keynote - The Secret Sauce of AI Profit Optimization

Although the introduction of generative AI (GenAI) alleviates this problem, because all GenAI like LLM (e.g. ChatGPT) are pre-trained. This means that GenAI will work out of the box, and there is no need to train the AI with your own data. However, it may not work well, because the inherent knowledge in GenAI is general and not specific to you or any of your customers. Despite this attractive feature of GenAI, it’s ROI is predominantly productivity gain and efficiency improvement.

However, in the face of the volatile macroeconomics, getting to profitability is imperative for every business. So this year, I am going to talk about a critically important topic and address the question of how to drive profitable growth with AI. And I will reveal the secret sauce of AI profit optimization. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of profit optimization in the age of AI and discover the pathways to AI-fueled profitability amidst uncertainty.

Title: The Secret Sauce of AI Profit Optimization
In the face of tumultuous macroeconomic conditions and a turbulent business landscape, achieving profitability has become imperative for companies across all industries. Prioritizing profit is not only a financial necessity but a key driver of sustainability, innovation, and growth in today’s competitive landscape. While the 4th industrial revolution is well underway, thanks to recent advancements in generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT), the successful application of AI for profit optimization under highly volatile conditions remains challenging. So, what does it take to optimize profit using AI?
In this presentation, we will introduce the next-gen AI profit optimization platform specifically designed to navigate today’s highly uncertain business environments. We will delve deep to unveil 3 crucial AI technologies that power this platform. Furthermore, we’ll illustrate how the synergy of these 3 ingredients is crucial to its superior performance. Lastly, we will reveal the secret sauce behind this platform’s success.