CRM Konvos: About AI

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to be a guest on the CRM Konvos show. This show is hosted by 3 CRM industry/technology analysts, whom I befriended from disparate places around the world at different time, but never knew that they know each other until recently. Life’s full of surprises, and it’s precisely these random coincidences that make our life interesting.

  • I first met Marshall Lager in New York City at the CRM Evolution Conference put forth by CRM Magazine. We were introduced by none other than the God Father of CRM, Paul Greenberg. It must’ve been way back in 2013 (or was it earlier? Those old memories are getting fuzzy).
  • I met Ralf Korb in Hanover, Germany when I was giving a talk at CeBIT, which is the largest computing expo in the world. And I believe that was in 2016.
  • I never had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Wieberneit formally, even though our paths have crossed more than a few times at CRM Evolution.

CRM Konvos: The questions about AI you always wanted to ask and never dared to

Back in January this year, they invited me to their show to have a casual conversation about AI and customer experience. But there were so many questions about AI that I couldn’t answer all of them last time. So they invited me back this week to tie up the loose ends.

CRM Konvos: What is the benefit of AI/ML for CX?

In case you’re curious, here is the recording of the show in January, where we wander off, on the topic of AI/ML and customer experience (CX). The conversation was a bit unstructured, but it was quite enjoyable as we were able to freely explore different topics and let our minds wander without constraints.