Redefining Passenger Experience: Future of Travel with AI Part 1

I’ve already shared a lot of content on AI and ML in general here on the Quantum Simplex. So for today, I like to focus on the airline industry and share a podcast I recorded with our President of Travel, Surain Adyanthaya. We are going to explore how AI is going to impact the future of travel.

Here are some of the questions we will discuss:

Outperform with PROS 2023 Keynote: TAKE FL(AI)GHT: A Journey Towards a Customer-Centric Airline Retail
  1. What is AI, how do we define it and how does it work?
  2. How will AI change the future of travel?
  3. In what way do you think AI can improve the travel experience?
  4. What do travelers hate most when traveling?
  5. How can AI help alleviate these frustrations and provide a better travel experience?
  6. AI is best for automating repetitive tasks done by humans.
  7. How can personalization improve the traveller’s experience?
  8. How can AI help improve the pre-trip traveler experience?
  9. Although COVID is a thing of the past now, it’s one of those global events (just like how 9/11) that will have lasting effects on travel. How can AI help improve the travel experience in the post-pandemic world?

BTW, I’ll be giving a keynote “TAKE FL(AI)GHT: A Journey Towards a Customer-Centric Airline Retail” at this year’s Outperform with PROS conference. And since the pandemic is a thing of the past, I hope to see you in person later this month in Denver.