Supercharging Airline Operation: Future of Travel with AI Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of a podcast where we discuss the future of travel with AI. We have been focused on the discussion around how AI will change the future of passenger experiences. Although this is certainly a topic that is relevant for everyone (since we are all travelers to some extent), an equally important topic is how will AI change the future of airline operations. After all, it is the airlines that will need to deliver these greatly improved customer experiences for the passengers.

So today, we are going to focus on the various ways that AI can help improve airline operations, and more importantly, “how?”

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

Outperform with PROS 2023 Keynote: TAKE FL(AI)GHT: A Journey Towards a Customer-Centric Airline Retail
  1. What are the 3 most important areas of an airline’s business operation that AI can help improve?
  2. Efficiency: how can AI help airlines increase operational efficiency?
  3. Cost saving: how can AI help airlines cut costs?
  4. Revenue lift: How can AI help airlines make more money?
  5. What innovations in RM are PROS scientists working on?
  6. What other areas of airline operations can AI help improve?
  7. Airline is a pretty data-rich industry and has always used data for decision support, how could airlines move from where they are now to an AI-augmented future?

Although that concludes part 2 of the podcast, but the conversation is far from over. If you want to learn more about how airlines can leverage AI to operate with greater customer centricity, I invite you to TAKE FL(AI)GHT with me at Outperform with PROS. Again, we are back in person for the first time after the pandemic this year. So I hope to see you in Denver, where we can continue the conversation with me and my esteemed colleagues on this very topic – how AI will change the future of air travel by being more real-time, more personalized, and more optimized.